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Shake The Halls 2022

Shakepay just finished running an awesome promotion on December 2, 2021.

A tweet was sent out and people literally had less than 5 minutes to scramble and send $11.10 to shakepay a friend tab of the app.

Shakepay likes joking around and participating in memes in the crypto space because the box was priced at $6.90 with $4.20 shipping! Hehehe.

To participate in future contests like these and haven’t subscribed to Shakepay yet use my link!

It seemed like I was on the nice list because I just got my bundle this week!

Shakepay delivered exactly what they promised and I was able to get a sweet tuque, a Yeti mug, a pair of socks and a nice set of stickers! Guess I’ll be wearing a new tuque this winter and these socks at Xmas parties this year.

There was a few more people that were able to snag this offer as can be seen on twitter posts this week.

Not everyone was lucky though!





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