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goPeer Review: Everything you need to know about.

Peer to Peer Lending with goPeer

The company is among the first Canadian p2p lending platforms for people who want to lend as a source of revenue. The platform is available to all possible lenders who want to invest in consumer unsecured loans to generate income.

Here are some advantages 👇

  • goPeer investors can issue a loan as low as $10.
  • You can diversify your money across several loans to reduce the risk of delinquencies.
  • You’ll get recurring monthly cash flows from the money you lend.
  • Interest rates on loans vary based on the borrower’s credit rating.
  • Earn between 11.7% and 25.4% on what you put in.
  • goPeer is regulated and provides you with the appropriate tax slips.

    The platform charges a 1.5% annual service fee on your investment returns.

Want to get started?

Use this link to get started with goPeer and get $30 bonus once you have invested your first $1000.

Refer a Friend and Earn | goPeer Sign up using this link and we’ll both earn $30. goPeer connects creditworthy Canadians looking for a loan with everyday Canadians looking to invest.






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