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No One Is Talking About Twitter DM Deep Linking

Out of everyone promoting themselves on Twitter, what’s the coolest way to stand out?

Reducing Friction.

If you’re actively looking for business and are looking for people to contact you via DMs then you might be interested in reading this.

Want people to slide into your DMs ✉?

Well there’s a way for it to happen without having them going onto Twitter, logging in. Searching for your profile and selecting the DM button on your profile page.

Already exhausted?

First off, you’ll need to have your settings changed for this to work. You need to make sure the “Receive Direct Messages from Anyone” feature is turned on

Settings > Privacy and Safety > Direct Messages

 OK we’re onto something now..

Every time you want to include the direct DM link, add this URL. 👀👇

Finding your numerical ID is the best place to find your ID. Navigate onto the site and plug in your Twitter handle.

One great thing about this. If you ever change your @handle, your Twitter ID will remain the same, you won’t have to go back to update your links.

How did you like this trick? Let me know below 👇






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