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Little Secrets: Setting Up A Highly Productive Office

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Gearing up your work space for productivity is the key to getting more done in less time.

Here are some little secrets you can follow to give maximize your workspace.

Remove anything unrelated to the project you’re working on.

Any project more than three months old should not be laying around your immediate work area.

This improves your focus and keeps you productive.

Make daily “to-do” lists to follow.

Keep your day on track by breaking it up into segments and assigning tasks to each segment.

One trick that I use is to add a couple of tasks I have completed already done to my list. It gives me a mental boost knowing that I have made some progress already and pushes me to accomplish more goals.

Colour code your workflow

Colours help to improve your mode and evoke perceptions.

This categorizes your tasks, helping you to achieve more at work.

On a practical level, it also helps you to see how much things you have and what relates to each project.

As a result, you’ll save time that would otherwise have been spent trying to look for your stuff.

Track your time

Using a timer can help you to better manage your time.

You’ll also be able to track your progress.

When you’re concentrated in your work, it can be easy to lose the sense of time. This means you can end up spending too long on certain tasks and only noticing when it’s too late.

Decide how long you need to dedicate your time to particular tasks, then use the timer on your phone to track that length of time.

Keep your phone close by.

Not only useful for tracking your time, you won’t have to go looking for it if ever you get a phone call or text message.

Store your papers standing up.

If you are stiff using papers and notebooks you’ll quickly notice how fast they can accumulate on your table. They take up a large amount of space if they are just laying there.

Use a desktop filing box, it will make everything stand up and reduce the footprint occupying your space.

Bonus: It also keeps important documents within arm’s reach.

Adjust your Viewing angle.

If you are working away from a proper desk, using your laptop or setting up a monitor at the wrong height will impact your productivity and general posture.

Make sure you choose the right viewing angle for you. It will help reduce fatigue, improving concentration productivity.

Think vertically.

You can find monitor risers and laptop stands that will correct your viewing angle.

One thing they can also benefit is the increased storage space under your monitor.

Better desk organization means better productivity.

All work and no play.

Decorate your area with some pictures of family, things or activities that motivate you. This can encourage you and give you a well needed motivation to complete some tasks more efficiently.

If you’re feeling stressed, seeing the reasons you work will helps to boost your mood.

Brighten up your space.

Light and plants play a key role boosting your mental health and helping you to stay positive.

Another quick way to make you more productive.

It’s not that complicated to change your work space into something that will give you a boost of productivity. Try a few of these little secrets and see how it affects your work!


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