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Maximizing your Twitter Profile

A social media profile is a quick, simple and cheap way for you to establish an online presence. This should be the first step to take to help with engagement for your podcast. Make sure to optimize the impact it can make to your future listeners.

  • Stud Vision Podcast Twitter profile
  • Danny Brown's Twitter profile
  • On Second Watch Twitter profile
  • Your Next Favourite Movie Podcast Twitter profile

It is essential to build up a dedicated audience, a following of users to engage with you or your brand and listen to your podcast.

Your profile can be optimized in many different ways, here we’re going to be starting from the ground up. Once we’re done, your profile will be updated and will be much more welcoming to other users on Twitter.

Let’s get started!

Kyle hasn’t done anything to his profile and only has 7 Followers

Don’t be like Kyle. With a profile like this it will be very hard for him to gain followers. Well at least his DM inbox is open.

Account name and handle

This is pretty straight forward, as a podcaster or content creator you are most likely representing yourself or your brand. It’s time to create your account handle. This is the name will have the “@” in front of it. It is unique to you on Twitter and you are limited to 15 characters.

I used my name and added a microphone emoji to let other podcasters know that this is a podcasting account.

If the @123 handle is already claimed or if your name is too long, you have the opportunity to use the Name field to customize your displayed name. You have a maximum of 50 words for that.

This handle had to be shortened to fit Twitter’s standards but this is compensated by the username that fills us in on the name of the Podcast.

Once you arrive to this part, you will have endless possibilities. You can list your full name, add emojis and symbols. Emojis will not only catch a user’s eye but they can also communicate important information about what your new account represents.

Danny Brown Twitter name example
This account is named after Danny Brown, it looks like he’s Scottish and Canadian and that he’s 64 posts into his 100 Tweet challenge.

Make this catchy, let other people know what you account is about. They will be able to learn a lot of things based on what you decide to display in your username.

Film clapper, Name of podcast, Microphone, Podcast. All the information is there, and you can easily guess what this account is about.

Profile picture

@InsomniacSnack podcast uses the two names of the hosts as their username. They also reflect their branding with a noodle and microphone emoji.

If your account is the main account for your podcast, consider placing your show’s logo as the profile picture. This thumbnail will appear everywhere on twitter. Every time you comment, on lists, in messages, communities and also in Twitter Spaces.

If this account is named after you as a host, another alternative would be to upload a
quality photo of yourself as the profile picture of your account. People will engage more with and can relate to accounts that represent real people.

If you go that route, your podcast logo could get incorporated in the header banner instead of as the profile picture. Remember this is the photo that will define your account. No low-quality images, no cheap logos.

A good profile picture makes all the difference… choose wisely!

Using your logo as you main profile picture.

The ideal image size for your Twitter profile image is 400px by 400px.

Upload your profile picture as a square, but it will get displayed as a circle throughout the site. Make sure your image maintains its integrity when cropped into a circle. If you lose any important details in the cropping process, try changing the composition of the original image.

Using a photo of yourself as the profile picture.

Twitter Header

Profile headers represent your personalized, biggest and free advertising surface on twitter. If you want to attract people and have them know what your profile is about, you better make sure it’s appealing. Add some text to give a bit more description if you ran out of space in your bio.

Beer in front podcast includes all the information one would need to find their podcast in their banner.

This same principle applies to your podcast’s cover photo, you need some interesting visuals to attract your audience and have them go and listen to your show.

  • The ideal image size for Twitter header photos is 1500px by 500px.
  • Twitter supports JPEG, GIF, or PNG file formats.

You only get one chance to make a first impression, if your header is ugly then users might not try to get to know about you or about your show.

Don’t forget that your profile photo will also block part of your header in the lower-left corner, so avoid putting any logos or text there.

Also header photos might display differently on various devices and you may experience cropping on the top and bottom of your photo.

Brian Eskow’s Podcast: Searching for Political Identity

Here are some free header templates where you can instantly create a custom image for your profile.

Twitter header photo sizes are 1500px by 500px.


The bio is another important space on your Twitter page. You have 160 characters to use to customize this space to your liking. Talk about your podcast or service. Let viewers know important pieces of information about the hosts or about the show. Support a Team or a Cause, let people know what you represent.

You need to convince people that are looking at your profile what you or what your podcast can be of benefit to them. Solidify the idea that you are an expert in your field and worthy of their follow.


This area is where you can let people know where you are from.

Another interesting thing to do with this space is to include a call to action. Remember, it’s right next to your link.


Use this to send the user somewhere else on the internet.

  • Link out to your personal page or Linktree.
  • You can make a free landing page on
  • Send them into a sales funnel.
  • Link to your podcast page

Pinned tweet

Defend the Movie Podcast uses their pinned tweet as real estate to explain what their podcast is about.

Your pinned Tweet is the best way to add additional information right on the first page of your profile. This is an extra piece of content you can use to convince viewers to learn more about you and why they should follow you.

You can try a few things:
• Pin your latest episode tweet and update it every time a new episode comes out.
• Use it as a space to request help or guest for your show.
• Is a Tweet that you will expect lots of engagement from.
• A Tweet that contains a link.

You can support Stud Vision Podcast by using their link in their pinned tweet.

You can pin a Tweet to your profile so that when others visit your profile, it is the first Tweet they will see.

From your profile, find the Tweet you’d like to pin.
Click or tap the … icon located at the top of the Tweet > Select Pin to your profile > Click or tap Pin to confirm.

Direct Messages (DM)

Direct Messages are a great way to have your listeners contact and interact with you. As a default option though, Twitter does not let anyone send you message requests.

The top right side of your profile looks like this when DMs arent enabled.

One advantage is that this prevents being DMed by spammy accounts.

Allowing message requests is quite simple. You just need to navigate to Settings > Privacy and Safety > Direct Messages and select the Allow messages from everyone checkbox.

Settings > Privacy and Safety > Direct Messages and select the Allow messages from everyone

I allow message requests from everyone, this allows me to respond to any user on Twitter that may have questions or that are willing to get into contact with me. This provides an opportunity to start conversations with users that may not have previously been able to do so otherwise.

Twitter growth hack.

• Comment on large accounts each day.

• Quote tweet content that you have a unique perspective on.

• Post original tweets on your account every day.

Remember that your Twitter profile can be a very valuable asset for your online presence. You can easily create an account and share your first post in minutes . Make this your first step when looking for engagement on your podcast.

Using this guide will give your profile a purpose and will make your show or personal brand stand out from the crowd.

Make sure to optimize every aspect listed here to make your profile gain a solid base of followers.






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